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This integration is a solution for rapidly building and selling products on the web. Astro Snipcart is a free and open source e-commerce Astro integration that is built on top of the Snipcart platform.

Create an e-commerce site with just a few lines of HTML and Astro components!

Coming soon: Snipcart Subscription support!

What is Snipcart?

Snipcart is a powerful, developer-first HTML/JavaScript shopping cart platform. You can use it to add custom e-commerce to any sites or web applications in minutes.

This Astro integration contains all of the features that you need to build an e-commerce site with Snipcart, including:

  • βœ… Automatic installation of the Snipcart library
  • βœ… Zero JavaScript by default (apart from Snipcart)
  • βœ… Astro components to define products
  • βœ… Astro components for features such as displaying basket and total price
  • βœ… TypeScript based product definitions surfaced as Astro component props
  • βœ… An optional small design system providing common e-commerce components
  • πŸ”œ Not just products, but subscription support also!

Don’t forget to have a look at the real world fully functioning e-commerce demo site using both Astro Snipcart and Astro Snipcart Design System!


Getting Started

Getting Started

    name="Standard T-Shirt"
    price={ 12.99 }
    description="Every day basic t-shirt"
    categories={ ['cotton', 'clothes', 'blue'] }>

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Astro Snipcart